Anticellulite Massage

The anti-cellulite massage is specially designed to put pressure on the areas affected by cellulite. Anti-cellulite massage techniques are based on tightening the skin and “squeezing” fat deposits. Shortly after performing this massage, the skin will be velvety and cellulite will be less visible. 

The benefits of anti-cellulite massage: 

• remodels adipose tissue. reduces cellulite.

• improves blood circulation

• stimulates the lymphatic system. 

• contributes to the reduction of body circumference.

Our Prices

Anti-cellulite Massage 60min 90min 120min
Manual anti-cellulite massage 99 CHF 130 CHF 170 CHF
Anti-cellulite bamboo sticks massage 99 CHF 130 CHF 170 CHF
Vacuum anti-cellulite massage(not available now) 99 CHF 130 CHF 170 CHF

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