Body Massage

A relaxing massage is a piece of quality of life that you shouldn’t miss. It creates a balance for the physical and psychological tension that you sometimes have during everyday life.

A body massage relaxes sore muscles, stimulates skin functions and metabolism, promotes blood circulation and restores energy balance.

In addition, classic massage primarily works to prevent illnesses. The cramped muscles are influenced by stretching and relaxation, a massage has a positive influence on the heartbeat, breathing and digestion and thus promotes well-being and relaxation…

Positive side effects of a massage:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Blood pressure is lowered
  • Blood circulation is promoted
  • Faster wound healing
  • Body functions are improved
  • The quality of life increases

Our Prices

MASSAGE 30 Min 60 Min 120 Min
Swedish relaxation massage
(A feel-good body massage to relax aching muscles)
95 CHF 135 CHF 175 CHF
Smoothing aroma
(lemongrass, lavender, coconut oil)
105 CHF 145 CHF 185 CHF
Full body
(with hot oil (Tigerbalm)Reduces the pain of hard muscles)
115 CHF 155 CHF 195 CHF
Hot stone
(Heated, smooth and flat stones are placed on key areas of the body)
135 CHF 175 CHF 215 CHF
Herbal relaxation
(Reduction of muscle pain, recovery of blood veins)
155 CHF 195 CHF 255 CHF
Relaxation(During pregnancy) 95 CHF 135 CHF 175 CHF
MASSAGE 30 Min 45 Min 60 Min
Head, neck, shoulder
(A feel-good body massage to relax aching muscles of the body)
55 CHF 75 CHF 95 CHF
Belly fat treatment
(A feel-good body massage to relax aching muscles of the body)
115 CHF

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