Skin as soft as silk is a matter of course for many people today. If the daily shaving is omitted and your skin remains caressingly soft for weeks – for centuries this has been the wish of many people.

History goes back a long time, already to Cleopatra, she had her hair removed by means of wax and resin, the ancient Greeks used a remedy containing arsenic and in Roman times the thermal baths were the appropriate place to have your hair professionally and specifically removed.

Positive side effects of a massage:

Today there are the most different methods and above all painless! Come by, even without an appointment we will be happy to receive you.

We work with SKIN’S depilation wax.

Our Prices

Waxing Price
Upper lip 15 CHF
Armpits 30 CHF
Half arm 40 CHF
Arm complete 50 CHF
Half leg (upper or lower leg) 50 CHF
Legs complete 90 CHF
Bikini sides only 50 CHF
Bikini 70 CHF

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