Hair Removal

Hair Removal – SHR Diode Laser OPERA VII

Difference between IPL and SHR Diode Laser OPERA VII

A question that is asked again and again. Many know the IPL method and are disappointed, have had pain, or have even suffered burns.

Much more selective

Both devices work according to photothermolysis. While with IPL, the blood vessels and water are also greatly heated as a result of the broad spectrum of light, this can lead to swelling and burns. The diode laser works much more selectively in the near-infrared range, which means that although it targets the hair root more strongly, it does not damage the surrounding tissue. The risk of burns is almost non-existent.

Double effect

The Armed Opera VII acts not only along the hair as with the IPL (via the dye melanin), but also directly on the stem cells of the hair roots, reliably destroying them. An IPL generates more than 75 degrees during about 10-20 milliseconds, the diode laser heats the hair root successively to about 45 degrees over a longer period of time, which destroys the hair root reliably and gently to the skin.

How many treatments?

On average, 4-8 treatments are necessary. The best time to reach the hair is in the growth phase (approx. 30%). The Artmed Opera VII can also be used to treat hair in the other phases. Due to the growth phases, we estimate the appointments every 3-5 weeks, depending on the body region.

What do you feel?

Unlike conventional IPL and laser devices, the treatment is practically painless. You only feel a slight tugging, as if someone were pulling on the hairs.

How long does the treatment take?

It depends on the size of the area. Legs take about 30 minutes, a back about 45 minutes. At the first appointment there is a consultation and information session.

Are there any side effects?

There may be redness, this usually goes away after a few hours. Rarely, there is temporary darkening or lightening of the skin. There are far fewer side effects than with IPL and conventional laser systems.

What to consider before the treatment?

Do not pluck out hair 6 weeks before treatment, shaving is allowed. Do not use nano-particle sunscreen and do not go to solarium if possible. If you do, please let us know. Drink enough water before the treatment.

What should be taken care of after the treatment?

Protect the exposed parts with sunscreen factor 30-50 for a week. The therapist will apply a moisturizing lotion after the treatment. The hair will fall out after 1 – 3 weeks. Do not pluck out the hair! Shaving is allowed.

Which areas can be treated?

The Artmed Opera VII diode laser can be used to remove hair from any area except mucous membranes such as the nose.

What is SHR?

SHR and UHR stands for Super Hair Removal and Ultra Hair Removal respectively. A technique with resounding success, a method by successfully combining previous experience!

The result:

Gentle and painless treatments with the best results ever achieved!

Light & White Hair

Even blond and white hairs, which could hardly be removed so far, respond excellently to the Artmed Opera VII diode laser! Thanks to the CW technology, the device can be adjusted exactly to the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

No financial risk

If, contrary to expectations, you do not respond to the treatment, it will be discontinued after the 3rd treatment. If you need more treatments than estimated, we will charge you only 50%.

Say goodbye to your facial and body hair …. Goodbye

Painless, effective and fast permanent hair removal on the face and all over the body has become a reality!

Only the best is good enough for your body, that’s why we work with the Best in Class Artmed Opera VII diode laser, a device from the market leader. Safe and reliable.

Our Prices

Hair removal with the latest SHR diode laser OPERA VII

Hair removal for Ladies 1 treatment 4th treatment 6th treatment
Upper lip 100 CHF 300 CHF 400 CHF
Chin 170 CHF 540 CHF 650 CHF
Chin & neck 270 CHF 750 CHF 950 CHF
Armpits 170 CHF 540 CHF 650 CHF
Upper arms 290 CHF 890 CHF 1190 CHF
Forearms 290 CHF 890 CHF 1190 CHF
Bikini 290 CHF 890 CHF 1190 CHF
Bikini side only 250 CHF 780 CHF 980 CHF
Thigh 350 CHF 1050 CHF 1350 CHF
Upper thigh & bikini 600 CHF 1750 CHF 2050 CHF
Lower leg incl.knee 400 CHF 1100 CHF 1350 CHF
Feet 170 CHF 540 CHF 650 CHF
Hair removal for Men 1 treatment 4th treatment 6th treatment
Beard area 300 CHF 750 CHF 950 CHF
Shoulders 200 CHF 550 CHF 750 CHF
Neck 200 CHF 550 CHF 750 CHF
Back 400 CHF 1150 CHF 1350 CHF
Chest 400 CHF 1150 CHF 1350 CHF
Armpits 170 CHF 540 CHF 650 CHF

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