Face Care

Youthful appearance is sometimes a question of the right beauty care and possible at any age. Your skin as a mirror of the inner balance or again differently expressed, the face is the mirror of the soul. Facial treatments increase your well-being and strengthen the radiance and one reacts immediately and visibly to nourishing influences and affectionate care.

Our treatments pamper your face, neck and décolleté. Your skin receives the treatment and care it needs with our detailed skin condition analysis. It is important to us that all the products we use are precisely adapted to the needs of your skin.

At Liberty Beauty Spa we have the right product for every skin type. Healthy active ingredients, applied by our specialist, let your skin breathe again and provide a pleasant relaxation.

Our Prices

Face care 60 Min 90 Min
Balances and nourishes your skin 100 CHF
Facial care with natural products 100 CHF
Skin detoxification with activated charcoal 140 CHF
Collagen supplement against skin aging 140 CHF
Pigment spots improvement with vitamin C and E 140 CHF
Treatment of oily skin and acne 60 Min 90 Min 100 Min
Treat and remove impurities – pimples 100 CHF 140 CHF
Oily skin – treatment with oxygen technology 150 CHF
Impurities – pimples treatment and removal 100 CHF 140 CHF
Skin regeneration – Blackspot treatment, detoxification 170 CHF
Acne treatment with oxygen and biolight technology 170 CHF
Stem cells facial, micro needling (needle treatment) 90 Min 120 Min
Scar after acne treatment 200 CHF
Regenerating skin lightener including melasma lightening 120 CHF
B-Tox peeling, skin renewal system 300 CHF

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