Foot massage

Feet also need love! After all, they have to carry a lot every day.

Our body has over 72,000 nerve tracts and they all end in the feet. According to traditional Chinese medicine, there are reflex zones in our feet that send impulses to all parts of the body via energetic pathways. That is why a relaxing foot massage of these points can be so relaxing or stimulating.

Through a massage, the tissue is loosened, which leads to the fact that the energy in the body can flow freely. Thus, the foot massage, can also improve the general well-being throughout the body or even help against sleep disorders.

Or you just want to take time out for a short moment, then a suitable foot massage is just right for you! Come by or make an appointment.

Our Prices

MASSAGE 30 Min 45 Min 60 Min
Foot massage
A pleasant foot massage with hot oil (Tigerbalm)
65 CHF 85 CHF 105 CHF
Foot massage
A pleasant foot massage with hot stone
75 CHF 95 CHF 115 CHF
MASSAGE 60 Min 90 Min
Foot massage
(A pleasant foot massage with herbs)
115 CHF 155 CHF
Foot care
(Soaking feet in herbal water, exfoliation, massage and dead skin with kerosene, applying cream)
105 CHF


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