Queen Cleopatra already started to beautify her nails with porcelain powder and as decoration for the nails people took different pastes and liquids of slimy texture at that time, so that the nails could still show some beauty. Also in China during the time of the Ming Dynasty people have already started quite early to beautify their nails. There, people took rice paper and mixed it with different liquids to get a paste that would stick to nails afterwards.

Positive side effects of a massage:

At the beginning of the 80s, the system of light-curing plastic technology was developed, which has become popular, especially in Europe, and is now most widely used by nail designers.

Our Prices

Nails Price
New set nature 160 CHF
New set French 170 CHF
New set color 180 CHF
Fill up nature 90 CHF
Fill up French 100 CHF
Fill up color 170/110 CHF
Natural nail reinforcement nature without extension 90 CHF
Natural nail reinforcement French without extension 100 CHF
Natural nail reinforcement color without extension 110 CHF
Repair per nail 15 CHF
Nail art from 10 CHF
Nails removal 45 CHF
Manicure Price
Manicure classic 65 CHF
Manicure SPA peeling/massage 75 CHF
Manicure DELUXE Peeling/Mask/Massage 85 CHF
Quick Manicure incl. varnishing 50 CHF
Manicure with UV nail polish 80 CHF
Lacquering color 15 CHF
Lacquer French 20 CHF
UV nail polish removal 40 CHF
Pedicure Price
Pedicure classic 80 CHF
Pedicure DELUXE peeling/mask/massage 95 CHF
Toenails (care surcharge 30 CHF) covered with UV gel 75 CHF
Toenails (care surcharge 30 CHF) covered with UV nail polish 65 CHF
Paint color 15 CHF
Lacquering French 20 CHF

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